CyberSecurity Expert | Blockchain Developer | OpenSource Contributor | Traveller | Global Citizen

Hello there, Welcome to my website. How's it going?
I am Ridhubharan. I'm a Computer science graduate.
Penetration testing is my speciality.
I like to create stuff and break into systems for fun.
I collaborate with people across the globe on various projects.
I love to travel, meet new people and get inspired by their culture.
I volunteer with Non-Govenmental Organisations and help them raise funds.
"I attac, I protec but most importantly I care for the community."

Even more about me!

Qualification : Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science
Specialization : CyberSecurity
Certifications : Blockchain Specialization, Certified Ethical Hacker.
Languages : தமிழ், English, മലയാളം, Español and Esperanto.
Hobbies : Fencing, BasketBall, Software Development.
Technologies : Python, Java, C, Flutter, Electron.
Philosophy : When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade Mojito. 🎉
Ping me for Capture-The-Flag, Meetups or just for a coffee!

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